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For Expert Android App Development

To introduce you to our services, and to celebrate Denver Startup Week 2013, our Android App Development services are being offered at the amazing price of only $89 per hour.

Call us now at 1-888-BE-CLEYR (888-232-5397). Or email us by clicking here.

We also offer Fixed Bid services:

On Site

  • Work performed at your site
  • Per diem included, travel extra

Fixed Bid

  • Location and travel costs per response
  • Bid valid for 30 days

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Why Use Us

Decades of technology experience, coupled with deep knowledge of the Android platform, create a compelling resume of key strengths that we bring to your project.

  • Location Aware Android Apps

    Location Aware Android Apps

    Three years of on-the-ground work with Android GPS functionality has given us real-world insight into its strengths and limitations.

    From the outback of Australia to the streets of New York City, we have tested, tweaked, and poked the Android GPS. Our development experience is second to none when it comes to Android location aware apps.

  • SQL Database Experts

    SQL Database Experts

    Our Android database library encapsulates our best practices for fast implementation of robust, SQLite data management.

    Our server-side experience encompasses MySQL and SQL Server.

  • Multiple Android Versions

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    Our Android development includes work on every OS version from 2.2 (Froyo) through 4.1 (Ice Cream Sandwich).

    And that experience encompasses work in all of our other areas of strength -- not just the User Experience (UX).

  • Client-Server Apps

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    All of our app development has involved information exchange between Android apps and back end systems.

    Our road-tested networking methodology ensures fast, reliable data transfers for your app.

Our Approach

We generally follow principles of iterative, or "agile", development. Simply put, this means we emphasize short timeframe deliverables. We strive to create working versions of your Android app on a weekly or biweekly basis. Every project begins with a set of requirements, which we gather from you and record. These requirements can change throughout the project; however changes are always recorded and approved by you. This ensures that the Android app we produce is the product you want.

For documentation and collaboration, we use Google Drive. This is important throughout the project, but especially at the start when creating the initial requirements. Your software is maintained in our central source code repository. Of course, if your enterprise already has its own collaboration systems and source code repositories, we are happy to use those.

Technologies We Use

Your solution may involve more than just Android app development. If so, rest assured that we can provide whatever you need. We are experts in Java and Windows .Net development, and SQL databases. 

  • php


  • java

  • python

  • jquery

  • sql

  • git

  • html5


All rates are per hour and do not include Federal, state or local taxes, if any.

These rates are for end user clients only. Services may not be resold or marked up.

Rates quoted are for Android app development only. Rates for .Net coding, server-side database design and implementation, and other non-Android development services will be quoted separately.

Development services are billed weekly. Terms are Net 14.

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